It’s nearly upon is, the fifteenth official entry in the Final of all Fantasies. Square have seen fit to put a new video together, celebrating the series from the perspective of fans, developers and a few celebrity guests. It’s definitely worth watching.

It could have easily turned into a cheap cash in on people’s feelings towards the series proper, but the stories told are rather heartfelt and honest compared to the usual fair. Whether you’re a Final Fantasy fan, a gamer in general, or someone who needs a nice story or two to listen to after this hard, interesting week in reality, check it out below. Because sometimes, escapism is the best way to deal with everything around us.

My FF memories? I was late to the game, my first game was Final Fantasy VIII, but I do remember enjoying the experience and appreciating the unique nature of the franchise. FYI, you can play the original Final Fantasy on the Nintendo Mini as well.

Final Fantasy XV launches November 29th on Xbox One and PS4.

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