ttg_twd_s3_posterSo according to numerous rumours, season three ‘A New Frontier’ of The Walking Dead is set to release on November 15th 2016. Nobody knows if this is true or not as Telltale haven’t officially confirmed a release date but we can dream, can’t we? So to fill in the dark spaces of impatience, today I’m going to be counting down my favourite moments from The Walking Dead season one and two.

Spoiler Alert, obviously.

When We First Met Clementine

Ah, I can remember it like it was just yesterday. When Lee Everett awakes from a car crash on the way to prison for killing a man sleeping with his wife, he is surrounded by walkers and is forced to blast the head off the policeman that was driving the car. He then looks up to a nearby house and sees a silhouette of a small girl and that girl is of course, Clementine. Once Lee gets to the house, he finds a Walky talky and he talks to Clementine through it, who is in her treehouse, she screams “Behind you!” and you’re surprised by ‘Sandra’ (Clementine’s babysitter) who is now a disgusting walker. Lee has quite a struggle defeating her as he’d just been in a car crash, just before he is about to get slashed open by Sandra, Clementine rushes in, hands Lee a hammer and Lee finally kills Sandra. Lee and Clementine then have a lovely conversation about how Clementine’s parents are in Savannah and how she wants to go find them. Good job we agreed to go with her or else we wouldn’t have one of the best characters in video games!

Lee’s Death

Even though it’s one of the saddest moments I’ve experienced in a video game, it’s still a superb ending. It teaches us about courage, bravery and how Lee cared about Clementine more than anything and he would do absolutely anything for her. Throughout season 1 we saw Clementine and Lee building this relationship that we haven’t really see before in video games, they had their laughs, they agreed on almost everything and they always stuck together, no matter the cost. When Lee saw Clementine’s hat on the ground in the back garden of the house in Savannah, Lee feels a sense of weakness, he felt as though he could’ve done more, that’s why he got bit. At the end Clementine is given a choice, shoot Lee or not. I chose to shoot him because I just couldn’t bear that feeling of seeing Lee turning into a walker. I blubbered like an absolute baby….

The Intro to Season 2

Oh my lord this is an intense intro, Clementine is with Christa and Omid and I think a couple of days have passed since Lee’s death. Christa and Omid are talking about what their child’s name should be, Omid is saying they should name the baby ‘Omid Jr’ or ‘Christa’, Christa obviously disagrees. Omid asks Clementine to go into a nearby bathroom to get cleaned up whilst Christa and him go into the one next to it. Whilst Clementine is cleaning up, a woman walks in who we haven’t seen before. She threatens Clementine asking her to give her Clementine’s hat and asking who else is with her. At that moment Omid walks in, the women quickly turns around and accidentally shoots Omid, Christa walks in and shoots the woman without hesitation. The scene ends with Christa crying whilst holding Omid’s lifeless body. Oh man, this scene hit me hard, Omid was such a loveable character and to see him go just tore open heart.

clementineWhen Clementine Finds Kenny Again

Oh this made me so damn happy, Kenny was my third favourite character from season 1 after Clementine and Lee, obviously. We last saw Kenny trying to save the incredibly naive Ben. Kenny runs off after Ben gets mauled by walkers. In season 2, We see him happy again, with a new group and Sarita (his girlfriend), it was so nice to see Clementine this happy again. Later in the season when Sarita dies along with the majority of Kenny’s group, Kenny starts to become an absolute monster, if people make the slightest mistakes he might just beat them to death and as much as I liked Kenny, this was definitely not the Kenny we knew anymore.

Season 2’s Ending

This ending can be very different for everyone, I got the ending where I shot Kenny after Jane lied about accidentally killing AJ to show Kenny’s true self. This was a very hard ending to comprehend, mostly because we’ve been with Kenny since the very start and to see such a long running character leave one of my favourite video games is pretty hard to deal with. After Clementine kills Kenny, he tells her “you did the right thing” Kenny knew who he was becoming. After Kenny’s death, Jane, AJ and Clementine all eventually make it back to Howe’s (where Carver set up), they take a family of three in who have been on the road as well and Clementine looks…sad.

Jack Ellison-Jones is a member of the PN2 Ambassador Program. If you’re under 18 and want a starting point in your writing career, you can find out more about the program here.

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