NRG eSports and Flipsid3 Tactics will go in as the favourites for the Rocket League Championship Series grand finals this December.


The two teams won both their relevant regional finals to take the top rankings for the final tournament of the year, with hard fought victories in the US and Europe regional finals over the weekend, confirming the top seeds for the RLCS finals to be held in Amsterdam.

NRG beat out their North American rivals Orbit eSports 4-2 on Saturday, despite finishing second during the regular season to Orbit themselves. Both teams have had much to prove given their moves from smaller Rocket League teams into big time purchases, NRG having brought in former regional champions Kings of Urban whilst their rivals Exodus were signed by Swedish run Orbit just a few months ago. That rival will now continue into the grand finals, with both teams making the trip along with third and fourth place finishers, Genesis and Take 3.

Flipsid3, meanwhile, overcame top ranked regular season team Northern Gaming to take the top European seed for the finals bracket, comfortably taking the regional title in the process of taking home a cool $10,000. Both teams will be joined by Precision Z and Mockit Aces to complete the 8 team bracket.

A $250,000 prize pool awaits the teams as they travel to Amsterdam, where the second ever finals tournament will run during the weekend of December 3-4. For more on the finals, check out the Rocket League official eSports website.

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