Two students build in Minecraft at BETT ConferenceIf you own any desktop computer, console, or mobile device, circa 2011, then the chances are that you’ve seen, heard about, or own Minecraft by now. Even if you’re not a gamer.

This fun sandbox game has been ported over to virtually every device known to man – okay, maybe not all – but still, it’s a testament to how just one person can create something fun to play, and see it turn into a multi-billion – with a ‘b’ – dollar intellectual property. This really highlights the potential for Indie developers to make an impact on the gaming market.

Everybody loves Minecraft. It’s a fact. Don’t be ashamed to admit it. Even I love this game, and I would play it more often if I wasn’t supposed to be doing this whole “being an adult” thing. The PC modding community alone create their own games, within the game itself, which extends the fun times to be had even more.

Now, we have news coming directly from the publishers MOJANG that a new Update has been released, known as the Exploration Update, enhancing the game even further for the PC and Mac platforms. It will add a great deal more content for players to explore and discover, such as, a new Cartographer Villager type who will trade emeralds for maps to new locations.

These new locations hold an abundance of treasures and dangerous mobs to encounter, like the new “Illagers” who don’t take kindly to those wishing to remove their precious “Totem of Undying” trinket. If you manage to find yourself in the possession of one of these fantastic treasures. Then you’ll become more powerful than ever before – watch out Ender Dragon!

Bring all your treasures home on the back of a saddled Llama, which can be outfitted to suit your style, and don’t forget to store your new riches in the new “Shulker Box” which will retain its contents, even when broken apart – this is great for online players.

Check out the preview video.

The new 1.11 Update is available to download now on PC and Mac.

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