cats02Cats. Love the or hate them, they are a key part of our meme led society. Luckily for cat lovers everywhere, there’s a number of rather cool cat based video games floating around, and now you can buy all the best ones in one little bundle.

Bundle Stars has brought together 11 games in their CATastrophe Bundle, which can be purchased in different tiers depending on how many games you want to purchase.

Tier 1 includes Samurai inspired party game Samudai by Geek Sloth Games, arcade shoot ’em up Shooting Stars by Daedalic Entertainment, puzzler Cat on a Diet by Forever Entertainment and, one of my favourite mobile games from yesteryear, Pastagames’ Pix the Cat. All four can be purchased for US$1.

Got a few extra coins laying around? For US$2.99 you can go up to Tier 2 and add Crunching Koala’s MouseCraft, Glass Bottom Games’ Hot Tin RoofBeyond Eyes by Tiger and Squid, Australia’s own Fort Meow by Upper Class Walrus and Surprise Attack and Valhalla Cats’ The Purring Quest. And yes, indeed, that’s a Nyan Cat game in there too.

Finally, pay the full amount of US$9.99 and you’ll get all of the games mentioned above AND the VR experience Kittypocalypse – Ungoggled. You’ll need VR goggles for that, mind. All of them are also Steam licensed, with a few also compatible with Mac and Linux.

That’s a healthy amount of indie content for a solid price, even when you convert it to Australian currency, that should appeal to every possible kind of gaming cat lover. You can purchase any of the tiers or the whole lot via the link here. Happy meowing … *ahem* gaming.

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