Congratulations to our local Duelyst player ‘Humans’ on his victory in the November Season Qualifier for the Duelyst World Championships this past Monday.


Humans managed to beat out another fellow Australian player in the final round of the event to take out the prestigious title of Grandmaster in a hard fought campaign. With his rise to Grandmaster status, this means he has secured his invitation to the World Duelyst Championships in mid-2017.

After a tough month of October, busy with studies, Humans didn’t take long to get back into his groove and push on through to become the next an official Duelyst Grandmaster, making him the fourth player to be qualified for the World Championships, and the second Australian player.

To relive the six-hour marathon, check out the Season Qualifier event over on the Duelyst Twitch channel.

Humans is also working together with Counter Play Games on another special event which is currently in its trial period. As soon as we find out more, we’ll bring you everything you need to know. So, be sure to keep checking back to PN2.

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