We always love to ask the all important questions here at PN2 … but we’re out of important questions right now, so here’s something else we’ve come up with.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The two together will no doubt sell a ton of copies over the next few weeks, but the thing is … which one to choose? Sure, each game has a few extra Pokemon over the other, and on this occasion you can start the game either during the day or night, but we all know the real reason why we choose one over the other.

The cover.

Be honest now, the only reason you picked Red over Blue was because of the kick ass dragon on the cover, likewise why you chose Omega Red over Alpha Sapphire because of an equally kick ass T-Rex-ish on the cover. Or something like that.

But seriously, there’s something about the cover itself that, more often than not, determines which one I choose … that and, perhaps, the subtitle. Which is why I’m going with Sun over Moon, because come on, it’s a fire Lion! A FIRE LION!

So which one are you picking? Will you go the down the path of summer kitties or will you play the night of the bat? Let us know in the comments below and hey, you might just find yourself the winner of a random prize from our PN2 KINDA GOODY BAG. Seriously, we don’t know what’s in there, but what could possibly go wrong?

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