NYKRA might not be the first game that tells the story of a young girl brought into a world full of mystery and secrets, but it’s certainly a beautiful 16-bit inspired world that sees fit to do away with some of the more traditional platforming elements in the process.


In NYKRA, you play as Keu, a child of a mysterious power beyond and before everything. Your partner on your strange journey is the AI known as Eo, an interesting piece of technology that can be edited to suit your play style or what’s needed to pass a certain obstacle or puzzle, in order to solve the mystery of the darkness that awaits.

At fist glance, there’s a healthy dose of Metroid, Mega Man and countless other platformers like it. On closer inspection, NYKRA plays more like the travelling elements of Minecraft, where exploration of massive islands and various loot await in deep caves and other such rooms of wonder. There’s also a hint of No Man’s Sky in its concepts, with the ability to take what you find on one world and sell it for a high price on another, less developed one, and a personal favourite of mine in Fez with its use of strange markings, languages and portals to other realms.

Though early in development, NYKRA holds a lot of potential. It’s very pretty to watch in action and the story, mysterious as it may be, should hopefully play out into something unexpected and original in the process. If you like what you see, go check out the Kickstarter currently running to help complete New Zealand’s Endesga long in-development project, or visit the website to learn more.

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