Perth’s own Dark Mirror Games has a brand new card game on the way, I say that since their current Kickstarter campaign is flying on all cylinders so yes, it’s most definitely on the way.

Banishment is described as an asymmetrical, semi-cooperative card game where one player takes over the main role as a Demon of the underworld, whilst the other available players are Exorcists trying their very best to cast them back to the darkness.


The base game can be played with between two or five players. There’s three decks; Demon, Exorcist and Ritual. The game begins by playing ritual cards equal to the number of players plus one. Exorcists must then play the cards they have to either complete the ritual, or use certain abilities to protect themselves from the Demon’s powerful attacks to survive. Survive longer and you’ve got a greater opportunity to find the cards needed to complete said Ritual.

However, the Demon also has a 10-sided Demon Dice and a set of cards that can help him or herself whilst making it more difficult for the Ritual’s to be completed. The dice goes up one per turn, and if it reaches 10, the Demon drags the Exorcists down into hell and wins the game.

Easy, right? Nothing to worry about.


As mentioned, Banishment has already its target funding goal on Kickstarter which is fantastic to see. There’s still some pretty cool stretch goals to make, though, and some of them would add to the already developed game. Improved dice designs and promotional cards will add a level of (deadly) luxery to the experience for backers, but the coolest part is the chance to fund a complete background soundtrack, full of atmosphere and Diablo-ish hymns, that will be funded at $4000.

Dark Mirror aren’t new to the world of gaming, having previously released their own D&D module, Dream of the Djinn. You can find more by heading over to the full Kickstarter campaign.

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