Ah, ABC. For all the funding problems and Government backlash, you can be guaranteed two very important things from our local Australian broadcaster; 1) Triple J and 2) Doctor Who. The BBC sci-fi show has had almost a second home for its entire lifespan on local Aussie TV’s, and this Christmas will be no exception.

The local station’s online service ABC iView will be showing this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special The Return of Doctor Mysterio this coming Boxing Day, ‘immediately’ after the show airs back home in the UK. The Christmas specials are a long held tradition in the series, especially the most recent revivals, and will see current the current iteration of the Doctor, Peter Capaldi, return to the role once again. A preview clip released a few days ago during the Children in Need chairty show.

Not only that, the ABC will also air the recently released animation special, Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks. The special brings back a once lost episode of the original TV series, in which the First Doctor (William Hartnell) becomes the Second, Patrick Troughton. The six-part show is a culmination of original audio recordings and black and white animation to recreate the episodes that were once destroyed in an archive purge back in 1974, when the BBC thought ‘eh, we don’t need these any time soon’.

The Power of the Daleks will play right after the Christmas special, with both replaying later in the evening for those who don’t stay up overnight to watch (or have to get up early on Boxing Day to work … i.e. Me). So there you go, something exciting for Whovians on a typically cricket heavy day. Thanks, ABC!

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