I was thinking today about how crazy it is that Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Mr T. are all in the very same video game. Better still, the fact that TT Games are adding in all these references and Easter Eggs to other franchises (hello Red Dwarf). It’s amazing that they’ve brought together so many big names in one game, some more surprising than others, which got me thinking … is there no boundaries?

So let’s have a little fun. If, by some miracle, TT Games and WB had no limits whatsoever on what they could add in Season 3 and beyond, I feel like the next ten suggestions should be right near the top of the pile of potential inclusions. Pipe dreams or otherwise, it’s kinda cool to think they could all seemingly happen…



Mario & Co. would be obvious choices to join Sonic in Lego form, though would Nintendo consider it a challenge to their Amiibo line? That’s the only possible loophole, though Nintendo has become less reluctant in dishing out their characters of late. A Lego Mushroom Kingdom would be awesome, with sales going through the roof if they decide to re-create the classic side-scrolling Mario’s in the process.


Looney Tunes

If money is an issue (it doesn’t seem to be) then using a product you already own makes perfect sense. The Looney Tunes aren’t anywhere near as big as they once were, but there’s always potential in their ability to create humour through imaginative stories. I’d happily pay for a Lego version of Taz or Daffy Duck, and what better way to push them back into the spotlight than via a top selling video game.


The Muppets

I’ve got a major soft spot for the Muppets. I grew up with them, watched all the movies, I loved the Fraggles … everything about them appealed to me and still do today. Luckily they’re still around and they’ve had somewhat of a resurgence of late, so again this seems like a perfect franchise to milk from.


The Matrix

Despite being a children’s product (for the most part), Lego Dimensions isn’t afraid to tap into more adult material where appropriate. Mission: Impossible and the A Team can’t really be considered usual fair for a Lego game, but here we are in 2016 with Lego Tom Cruise and Mr. T. So why not Lego Neo? The Matrix still has a following, despite the somewhat disappointing end to the franchise as we know it, but if TT Games can tap into the enjoyment of the first movie in the same way they re-made Ghostbusters, there’s no reason why it can’t be added in here.


Studio Ghibli

Alright, now we’re getting into not so obvious territory for a little while. Studio Ghibli movies haven’t been translated to video game form in the past, and it would be a lot cheaper to let TT Games do the work for them. The problem, if there is one, would be translating the charm and unique animations of some of their bigger movies into Lego form, but that’s the equally as charming potential of the blocks themselves. There’s potential there to tap into the Anime fan market too, which grows larger by the year. What I would give to explore Howl’s Moving Castle…


For reasons which are still amazing to consider, Minecraft has its own Lego kits. It still seems strange to me, but you know what, Lego Dimensions would be a perfect fit for the world builder, with the potential to create new games modes that incorporate fans making their own levels (Disney Infinity style) or free-roam mining. The options could be endless.


Star Trek

I’m going to get the more obvious sci-fi franchise next, but Star Trek and Lego isn’t entirely outlandish an idea. Lego Kirk and Spock could join forces with the Next Gen or Voyager crews to travel to various planets based on some of the most iconic bad guys in the franchise … or, and let’s be honest, you could just give us the Enterprise to explore to our hearts content. I’d be happy with that.


Classic Lego

Okay, here me out. Yes, the Lego Movie does cover a lot of the classic elements, but I’d love a Lego level that specifically calls back to the classic collections. I still remember, to this day, waking up on Christmas morning back in the late 80’s and building a Lego Pirate set with my Mum … granted, she did most of the work. To be able to revisit these without all the fancy Lego Movie shtick attached to them would be an awesome way to celebrate both the game and the origins of it all.



You’ve already got the Simpsons, so adding the Planet Express ship would be ideal. Better yet, if you add ships to the mechanics in the same way as the vehicles, you could have the Enterprise and Planet Express at the same time! Pure unadulterated bliss.


So I left this one to last for a few reasons. One, Disney might still be reluctant to let their biggest franchises shift over to Lego Dimensions so soon after axing Disney Infinity. The once shining light in the toys-to-life world fell on its sword earlier in the year, leading many to wonder whether Disney would allow their own creations to be used elsewhere. Well, we’re no closer to finding out for sure, but the fact that a license agreement continues to exist between TT Games, WB and Disney to use Star Wars and Marvel characters suggests the window is still open.


Besides that, there’s a ton of other Disney owned IP’s that could jump over too. Pixar, Indiana Jones, classic Disney characters and movies, 90’s animated TV series like Duck Tales and Gummy Bears … all of them could be mined for massive amounts of content. Disney Infinity did a good job bringing a lot of them together, but there was so much more that could have been done that will never see the light of day.

But there’s one particular deal that could really turn the entire franchise on its head, one that could bring in an entire legion of new owners on name alone. Marvel vs DC.


We’re probably never going to see the most unlikely of comic book crossovers on the big screen, but if it means having Batman fight Captain America and Hulk vs Superman, I’m more than happy to have the war of all comic wars appear as Lego. Marvel doesn’t really need the boost, but could you imagine the kind of response this would get, and the potential for particular kits to appear not just for Lego Dimensions, but for Lego in general. It could even benefit DC in many ways, allowing some of their more niche characters to live along side Marvel’s growing stable and maybe get a look in elsewhere because of it.

Yes, it’s the longest of long shots, the most unlikely of everything I’ve listed here … but we thought the same about Marvel vs DC before, and they’ve done it … twice. So never say never, right?

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