A Good Bundle, put together by a ton of different indie creators, is the perfect way to spend very little for quite a lot and for a worthwhile cause.

Available for roughly the next week, over 150 games have been brought together to share a little light and some good vibes “to combat some of the ugliness in our world”.

Gone Home

Indie darling Gone Home can be had along with the entire collection at the full $20 donation, along with Catlateral Damage and Aussie award winner Killing Time at Lightspeed: Enhanced Edition. There’s plenty of quality across all three donation levels, with many of the games created or designed via the many Game Jams held across the year. At a low price of $2 you can net yourself the likes of Depression QuestGrampy Kats In: The Big Date and Longest Night, whilst the $5 donation level includes another Aussie indie (and a personal favourite) in Expand, satirical role player Social Justice Warriors and Hero Generations.


The reality is, there’s so much content here at $20 that A Good Bundle is arguably the best bundle of the year, and it’s an opportunity to own both quality indie hits and maybe discover something new and exciting in the process. All the proceeds go directly towards both the American Civil Liberties Union and health care provider Panned Parenthood. Hit the link for more details and a full list of the games on offer.

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