Following on from his recent success in the November Season Qualifier for the Duelyst World Championships, local player ‘Humans’ has been working together with the developers at Counterplay Games, as part of his ongoing efforts to promote the competitive Duelyst scene, to announce the new monthly tournament called ‘Race to S-Rank’.


The new tournament concept is very simple. As soon as the ladder resets for the month, players will begin ranking up, and the first to hit an S-Rank will be the winner.

Previously, there was no recognition in reaching the S-Rank for each month – other than your own personal sense of achievement – however, with the announcement of the ‘Race to S-Rank’, Duelyst players can now earn real rewards for their efforts, such as orbs and key giveaways, as well as a $100 cash prize.

Here is some information you might need to know.


The tournament begins next week on the 30th of November at approximately 4:00PM PDT and finishes when the first player hits the S-Ranking.

All decisions made by the Judges are final, and players must add the Judges and Casters to their list prior to the 1st of December to be counted towards the event.

Any players caught ‘Win Trading’, which means if you are caught cheating the system by playing opponents who lose on purpose will be disqualified.

In the event of a ‘draw’, the player with the oldest start time on their last game in match history will be declared the winner, if these times are the same, then the player with the best Win/Loss ratio will be the final winner.

Rest periods will be encouraged, as player health and wellbeing is paramount.


All Casters will be required to participate in a ‘coaching’ session which will outline specific details on the event, and provide information regarding their broadcast.

There will be up to ten Casters rotating throughout the various timeslots. Streaming could possibly require an extra 30 minutes before and after the events to wrap things up.

Casters will work in pairs to showcase the events, by spectating matches, reviewing replays, and providing overall comments about the race from their own channels, or to a channel provided to them. No camera is necessary, but a microphone will be essential.

So prepare your decks ahead of time Duelyst players, there’s some serious fun heading your way.

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