Yesterday we introduced you to Alayna Cole and her presentation on diverse representation in video games. Today, we’d like to share with you another project of a similar ilk, though this one is more about documenting and providing resources on gender, sexuality and relationships in video games.

It’s called Queerly Represent Me, and its resources are of benefit to anyone who wants to learn more about what’s out there, what video games may represent them and perhaps discover something new in the process. You can search between the three main categories mentioned above, both as a visual guide or as a traditional excel style spreadsheet. It’s easy to scroll around and find out which games cover particular areas of interest, and there’s always more in-depth discussions on particular games and stories.

Positive, diverse representation in media can achieve two goals: it can improve lived experiences of those who identify as part of a minority group by providing role models and fostering improved self-esteem; and it can help those outside of the same minority group to understand and empathise with new perspectives. Discussing and researching how queer content features in the media we consume—including the games we play—helps us to encourage more diverse representation and promote these positive impacts.

Alayna Cole

The database itself doesn’t go into too much detail per game, but there’s always the potential to contribute or suggest games to add to its contents if you ask Alayna herself really, really nicely.

If you’re in the midst of researching gender, sexuality or relationships in video games in some way or form, or are considering it for your next research paper, Queerly Represent Me is a solid resource to make use of.

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