Back when I was studying programming for the first time, I spent most of my hours not programming at all. In fact, I played through most of my time in the labs, including replaying the original Monkey Island. Back then, the third game in the series was just launching, but you could kinda tell that the point and click adventure genre was on the way out.

Fast forward 16 years and, thanks largely to the constantly growing indie scene and Telltale Games, the point and click adventure is as big as ever. But nothing right now is as big and as relevant as Overwatch, Blizzard’s take on the team based shooter genre, with a cast of characters that even non-Overwatch players are aware of.

What better way to celebrate both then by combining them, right? That’s what one animator thought with his interpretation of Overwatch: A Point ‘n Click Game. That’s not the name by the way, and I’m sure there’s a better title we could come up with than that … Pointwatch? Overclick? Monkey Island 2: LeReapers Revenge? D.Va Jones and the Fate of Soldier 76? Whatever you call it, it’s really pretty…

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