Joins the dots is a timeless tradition, taking a bunch of seemingly random dots and turning them into a portrait of … probably some random Disney character or, God help us, a mascot for a shopping centre. The only real challenge is finding where the next number is, which is why Join the Dots, newly released on Android and iOS, is exactly the kind of upgrade it needed.

dots01 dots02

Where as the basic pen and paper game goes as fast as you want it to, Join the Dots as you speed running to connect all the dots you see on screen as they gradually fall down faster and faster. The catch? Obstacles can block your path and end your run before it even begins and if you miss a dot, it’s game over.

Joining dots has never been this fun or challenging before, the addictive nature of trying to improve your overall score plays well into its design that’s incredibly simple but highly effective. Certain dots appear as stars which, when collected during play, can be traded in to unlock new colours, designs and music to play to. It’s a nice way to keep you going long past that first handful of games, and the only paywall is if you want to quickly unlock all the themes.

On a side note, it’s kinda cool to see claymation used in the trailer … but how cool would it have been if the game itself used the same design? I’ll be honest, I haven’t unlocked all the themes yet, so maybe that’s in there … somewhere. I’m sure Perth’s own Ezone (also known as the Edis brothers) have plenty of experience to make it happen, if they so wish. The studio has over 200 games in its back catalogue, though you’d argue that this one in particular is their most accomplished yet.

If you’re dying for a new ‘addiction’ on those long train rides, or just want to let a little stress fly by after a hard day at work (and we all need that at this time of the year), then I’m more than happy to suggest Join the Dots. It’s free to play on the App Store or Google Play Store, so check it out and let us know what you think.

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