Happy Friday! For many of you, you’re celebrating some major black friday deals, for others it’s Thanksgiving right now. For me, it’s just another day off from work and a chance to relax and catch up on everything I missed during the week. Which leads me to my video of the week, thanks to the lads and lasses at Rooster Teeth.

You know how all those crates break really, reaaaaaaaalllllly easily in video games? Or how there’s always a bunch of pots and boxes laying around just waiting for you to smash them to bits? Well, in the latest Immersion, the concept of breakable crates and object smashing are put to the test under real life conditions. The results are as funny as it sounds, as the two ‘lab rats’ take on rooms based on Half-Life 2 crate breaking, Legend of Zelda pot breaking and Rainbow Six: Siege environment destruction. As with every Immersion, there’s a cunning twist or two in-between…

Immersion has really upped the ante this season, with more explosions and some really impressive sets. Also, anything that references Zelda is mighty fine in my book. Check it out above, but if you have a Rooster Teeth First membership, be sure to check out the behind the scenes video for a more in-depth look at how everything was put together.

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