Of all the video game released this year, only Pokemon Go can compete with the fanfare, the backstage chatter and the uproar that followed No Man’s Sky around. One of the biggest releases of the year turned out to be a disaster on multiple fronts, to the point where the developer Hello Games went dark for months after the backlash. You can hardly blame them, you could even argue that they bought into the hype of their own game and pushed too hard too soon.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from it all, is that you should never give up. For all the talk about biting off more than they can chew, the studio has been hard at work on a handful of updates over this quiet time, and now they’re ready to unleash it upon PS4 and PC players.

Version 1.1, the Foundation Update, adds a ton of new content. Much of it introduces elements previously promised or hoped for within the full game, a welcome sight after all this time in uncertainty. You can get the full lowdown on the update via the fairly lengthy video below:

It’s great to see Sean Murray posting again as well, even for a brief moment. You can’t help but feel for the guy, the head of a studio that showed so much promise but maybe, in some way, knew they couldn’t pull it off with the time given to them. Maybe this Foundation Update will help push the game forward in the kind of direction the team originally dreamed of. Personally, here’s hoping.

For all the mistakes they and Sony may have made, it’s important to remember that the team at Hello Games are exactly like you and me, dream makers with intent to create through the imagination. Unfortunately, many things didn’t work out as intended with No Man’s Sky but, if the studio continues to work it out, perhaps there’s hope yet for the vision Murray first dreamt of after all.

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