Roller coaster building isn’t a new thing in the video game world, but the latest attempt at translating what it might feel like to be a park creator is making some waves.

Planet Coaster allows you the opportunity to create your own theme park, allowing you to sculpt the landscape to your liking Sim City style, customise rides and express yourself and your own ideas based on the imagination or the rides you remember taking as a child … or an adult child. We’re all kids at heart, right?

Every ride and creation can be shared using the Steam Workshop community hub, allowing you to share or trade various parts of your creation with the rest of the world, so you’ll never be without anything new to try out. Better still, your own creations can be passed down from generation to generation … or just the person down the street, whoever comes first.

Frontier Developments are the team responsible for reminding us how much fun a good theme park can be, and they are no strangers to the Coaster building genre either, having previously worked on the RollerCoaster Tycoon series and Thrillville. Of course, these days they are more well known for the highly successful Elite Dangerous, which has since been ported to Xbox One … which makes me hope just a tiny bit that Planet Coaster might do the very same down the track.

Each theme park you create is a living, breathing space full of people who speak a unique language known as Planco. Their reactions and joy can help shape your decision making and help improve your park … but there’s a little more to it than that. Planco is a unique language created specifically for the game, in a similar fashion to the mumbles of The Sims. Frontier will also soon allow certain fans and content creators to use the Planco language in unique and fun ways, allowing them permission to use it for their own website or videos. Who knows, we might even try it for ourselves.

Planet Coaster is available now on Steam. Fingers crossed for an Elite Dangerous crossover.

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