2009 was the last time we saw Rocket Riot, a side-scrolling shooter that did fairly well for itself on Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7. Developers Codeglue have since made a name for themselves with iOS and Android ports of the Minecraft inspired Terraria, and now they’ve returned to one of their earlier works to bring it across to Steam for the first time.

The Dutch studio originally released Rocket Riot as part of Microsoft’s XBLA program, and the game has appeared on a number of platforms since. This recently released Steam edition packs all the previously released content into one package, a package that has been long in the works as the studio has been hard at work on their newest IP set for release next year. Up until now, Rocket Riot has been a partnered production with Microsoft Studios, but this Windows 10 and Steam release marks a solo effort from the studio.

While the action takes the 8-bit route in a way, it never looks like boredom can set in, with numerous levels and characters and a few bosses thrown in for good measure. I like the idea of a shooter that doesn’t need a long of explanation or complex controls, so if you’ve overlooked this before all those years ago, maybe now is the right time to check it out again in its most complete form.

You can find Rocket Riot on Steam via its official page.

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