Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan has released a 9-minute sneak peek video for their highly anticipated game, The Last Guardian, about a week before its release next month.
In the game, you take control of a young boy who befriends a giant creature called ‘Trico’, a half bird half mammal hybrid, both of whom have been taken as prisoners, and must work together to traverse dangerous obstacles and to solve various puzzles.


The platform puzzler has been in the works since its announcement back at E3 in 2009, but has had a troubled development cycle over the years, with game designer Fumito Ueda and his studio genDESIGN departing Sony, and also with the difficulties transitioning over from Sony’s previous generation console hardware to the current PlayStation 4.

However, Fumito Ueda and his team still remain as creative consultants for the game. This is great news for fans of Ueda’s previous work, Ico, and, Shadow of the Colossus. For the pet lovers out there who have been following the game closely during its development, this video won’t show you much new content. But, for the rest of us who haven’t been keeping tabs on the game, here it is to get the hype flowing.

The Last Guardian will be available in Japan and North America on the 6th of December, the 7th in Europe and Australia, and on the 9th in the United Kingdom.

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