Here in ANZ, we know how hard it can be to really get your channel going, especially with the internet speeds on offer in most of the area.

So begins the announcement of Twitch’s new Australia/New Zealand Grass Roots program, designed to provide much needed support and a chance to gain a foothold in a market that’s quickly growing … with a few teething issues, obviously. As the NBN continues its awkward rollout process in Australia, many users have found themselves in a challenging position to find an audience, let alone having to work unconventional hours to reach an international one.

So here’s the run down, we want to find some of the best new talent coming from Australia and New Zealand and to do that, we want to give you a leg up.

So what does Twitch’s upcoming program mean? For non-partners (meaning someone with a low audience count and no sponsorship’s), it’s an opportunity to have Twitch themselves push you into the spotlight. The catch? Even with their support, you’ll need to hold onto whatever audience you might pick up through it, a difficult enough task for someone who’s just finding their feet. But with the right audience members, there’s an opportunity to grow and find your voice through them, and that’s where this new program finds its advantage.

Local content for a local audience, regardless of when or how they may stream. As long as people tune in, there’s plenty of opportunities for the right voice to be discovered. Better yet, there’s an opportunity for the current generation of Twitch stars to nurture and support whoever gets the nod, to become a part of arguably one of the best online communities out there.

It does sound too good to be true, but I’d suggest to send your entries to the program with an element of realism. Not everyone will be chosen, and though the requirements are rather minimal, there’s a high likelihood that Twitch will look towards those with the talent and means to make a name for themselves, so many will miss out. I will say this; If you don’t get access to the program, don’t give up. There’s no reason to let it go if you believe in yourself and your audience, no matter how larger or small it may be.

You can send your entries into the program via the entry form found here, entries close at the end of the year.

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