Christmas is coming! It’s that time of year when we all get together to celebrate the holidays and over indulge in Xmas turkey, ham, and pudding. But, it’s also a time of giving and to show appreciation for each other.

So, here are some far out gift ideas for your loved ones – just in case you’re struggling to find something for that special gamer in your life.

How about a Game Boy refrigerator magnet? Cause, if there is one place gamers go – other than back to the couch – it’s the fridge, and if you run out of two-minute noodles, just add it to the shopping list on the screen to remind you – or others – to buy later.  it will cost around $26 (AUD) plus shipping from Amazon.


Replica portal guns? Obviously, these are unable to create real portals, however, when we finally have the technology, you’ll be ready for the upgrade. They were a limited edition run of about 5000 units, so it might cost you a pretty penny if you can find one, but it’s totally worth it!


Got a retro gamer in the family? Check out the SupaBoy S from Hyperkin, a handheld Super Nintendo console that uses genuine cartridges! You should be able to get one between $140 and $160 (AUD).


Not that gamers need to be even stealthier around the holidays, but how about an Assassin’s Creed Hoodie? These jumpers cost around $50 each with free shipping.


And finally, for the most hard-core gamers, there is the Emperor LX workstation from MWE Lab.


This glorious piece of art is revolutionising the work or home office space – not to mention man caves – around the globe!

Starting at around $7300.00 (AUD) for the basic model, and up towards $17500.00 for one with all the trimmings, which include custom paint colours and finish, multiple audio options, LED lighting, side tables, leg rests, seat warmers, and more. You can even upload a logo to be embroidered onto the seat!

I’ll take mine in carbon black, thanks.

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