As is always the case at the Game Awards, the show itself is more than just the awards themselves. There’s awkward banter, bad jokes and probably a musical guest or two that don’t relate to anything else other than ‘we’re a musical guest, let’s play music to end the show’. There’s also, of course, the surprise announcements and new trailers, and there’s some juicy rumours doing the rounds for this Thursday’s show.

The biggest? Mass Effect Andromeda. Having already been revealed (sort of) on N7 day earlier this month, Bioware have revealed the first in-game trailer will make itself known during the show. It’ll be our first look at the game in action, something that will be a key focus in many of the presentations after the No Man’s Sky issues from years prior.

Telltale will also be there, showcasing the first footage of their upcoming third season of the Walking Dead. Fans will be eager to see where the series goes next ahead of its release digitally in December. There’s also rumours Telltale will reveal their Marvel tie-in, believed to be Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gearbox software will be there, though in what capacity no-one really knows. Randy Pitchford has suggested the Duke himself may be floating around the arena, though the suggestion is he may be an addition to Battleborn and not a new game in the series. A last ditched effort to make Battleborn relevant? Perhaps. There’s also rumours that Bulletstorm will resurface at the show.

One game that has me intrigued yet cautiously optimistic is Prey, and Bethesda will be bringing it along to reveal first ever gameplay footage of this so called ‘reboot’. We will see if my optimism changes at all once I’ve gotten a look at it.

And then, of course, there’s Kojima. The man himself will be at the show for real this time, and not stuck behind closed doors because of Konami. Question is, will he be there just for the show, or will he bring something with him? We haven’t heard anything about Death Stranding since E3, so now would be a good time to steal the spotlight by having another strange trailer. I’d hesitate to say we will see any gameplay, it’s far too early for that … right?

Wait … I feel like I’m missing something…

Well, I guess I’m tuning in then! Will there be any other secrets? Maybe so, it wouldn’t be a Game Awards without one … or two …

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