The Superhot Team and Polish tabletop developer Board & Dice have revealed the first details of their card game adaptation of the first person shooter Superhot.

Superhot Card Game is a deck building game where every move is a snapshot of intense combat where your decisions and execution dictate the pace of the game.

You face a line of enemies moving your way. utilise weapons and elements of your location to take them out. Strategy comes in to play when you make your first move and the clock starts ticking . 

If you take out a foe, their card will go straight into your hand, and you will be able to make use of it next turn. Enemies pour into the room and bullets fill the air. Observe your surroundings, react, and create a set of events that leaves only you standing. 

Superhot features four modes that are a combination of solo mode, player vs player and co-op.  It’s said to be an incredibly challenging and demanding game. 

There’s little more information currently available including a Kickstarter launch date so stay tuned and we will keep you posted . 

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