Have you ever played Bop It? I used to love playing it but the constant sounds of “twist it, pull it, spin it” etc. annoyed the hell out of my housemates. Plus it’s not appropriate to play in public. That’s where Finger Band comes in.

Finger Band is a mobile game that throws a musical twist on memory by having you repeat sounds in the order they appear. You won’t be playing any conventional instruments. Each of Finger Band’s five levels features an array of bizarre music making contraptions. Cricket bats smacking a trampoline and a gnome tapping a wooden spoon on metal for example. There is a total of 40 unique instruments to memorise and play.

Reaching various high scores will unlock additional stages and game modes. Stages get harder as you advance, increasing the number of objects that can be played which gives you more thing to think about. Plus there’s an annoying duck that interrupts the beat.

Finger Band doesn’t set any new standards in innovation, what it does is provide you with a short and fun game to help you improve your memory and succeeds at it ten-fold. Finger Band is developed by Sherpa Reynolds out of the UK. It’s available now on iOS for $0.99 with Android and Windows Phone versions coming at a later date.

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