We’ve been wondering how an HD Crash Bandicoot would look, and now we have our answers. Thing is, it just makes me want a whole new adventure instead!

The rather shiny upgrades to all three previous Crash titles, currently owned and produced by Activision, certainly look fantastic. Though the trailer is a little short an focuses largely on the original Crash for comparisons sake, it looks like there will be plenty to look forward to. If anything, it goes to prove that the character in his traditional form (not this random, modified Skylanders edition) still has plenty of humour and colour to appeal to the masses.

But yes, despite the fact that all three games will still be enjoyable, and all three will look the goods upon release sometime next year, I can’t help but wonder what a brand new entry in the series would look like. Take these graphics and the old school side scrolling gameplay seen here, and add a whole new series of levels. That’s the kind of thing I want to see, and hopefully that’s exactly the case once these remakes appear on store shelves.

It also begs another, arguably more interesting question. With Activision behind the ‘N-Sane’ remake, who are also behind Skylanders, which originally starred Syro the Dragon … well, you get the idea. Vicarious Visions are handling the update, having already worked with Crash a few years ago on the Game Boy Advance, and most recently within Skylanders Imaginators, so hopefully that experience will pay off.

What do you think? Does Crash Bandicoot still have a place within the gaming landscape?

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