Boxing day in Australia is a big occasion, not just because it’s an opportunity to (attempt) to eat all the leftovers from the day before, nor just the sales as they kick in, but it’s also more commonly known as cricket day. The day where two teams from opposing countries come together at a local rather large venue and hit a ball around for a couple of hours, and then again the next day, then the next, and possibly the next two after that if needs be.

Yes, cricket season is most definitely in, and this year gamers won’t be left out of the occasion either with Tru Blue Studios and Big Ant’s Don Bradman Cricket ’17 heading to Xbox One and PS4 on December 22nd, perfectly time to coincide with the Boxing Day test match.

There’s a number of new features this year, outside of the obvious visual upgrades (it actually looks quite nice). There’s an expanded career mode, which sees you begin your cricket life at local level (i.e. your local state or territory, depending on who you choose to start with), though you’ll also have the opportunity to take over the role of an existing player or the entire team as well.

If the pre-existing teams aren’t up to your level of creativity, you can always create your own team right down to the logo itself, which you can craft to your own liking before printing it onto your team jersey. It’s interesting to note here that the PC version of Don Bradman will also allow importing Photoshop files, so you can accurately create the kind of logo that suits you if that’s your thing.

Don Bradman Cricket 17 will arrive just in time for the true Aussie summer, though the PC edition won’t hit store shelves until January.

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