So we’ve had our big Doom sequel this year, and all told it’s done well for itself. But if you discovered the secret rooms based on the original Doom and thought ‘man, I wish there was a new game coming out that looked a little more like that’, then upcoming indie shooter Strafe has got you covered … in blood.

Strafe is everything about the classic corridor shooter rolled into a slightly more modern skin. Low textures, blocky character designs, it’s everything that made Doom and its cohorts in Duke Nukem 3D and Hexic so entertaining. There’s also a healthy level of tongue in cheek humour thrown in for good measure, if the incredibly old-school official website is anything to go by. Reminds me of my early Nintendo fan site I once created, complete with obvious html tables.

Unlike Doom, however, you won’t be able to plan out your play-through or remember where the hidden rooms or keys are, given the entire game is procedurally generated. That’s not just the level design itself either, since all the enemies and hidden secrets will be created on the fly, meaning you’ll never blow the same head off a bad guy twice.

Strafe has been picked up for release on PS4 by Devolver Digital but will also be released via PC and Mac in early 2017. Seriously, check the website out, it’s like a treasure trove of memories.

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