Stylistic, bloody violence is a Grasshopper Manufacturer staple. Between well known creator Suda51 and Killer is Dead director Hideyuki Shin, the studio has plenty of experience when it comes to slicing and dicing enemies in blood soaked fashion. It should come as no surprise that their latest, Let it Die, follows a similar path, except for one rather significant change. Let it Die is free to play.

Co-developed by GungHo Online Entertainment, this procedurally generated slasher has you ascending a giant tower in a rather different version of South Western Tokyo. Years from now, at least according to the game, a major earthquake in 2026 caused part of Tokyo to crack and drift away from the mainland. A giant spire has since grown through this new fogged covered island where a host of strange and violent characters await you near the top.

If you’re up to the challenge, the general goal is to survive for as long as possible, killing whatever you come across whilst eating to stay alive. Equipment and armour can fail, so you’ll have to be ready for whatever comes at you and most certainly not get too comfortable with what you find, it probably won’t last long. If you do happen to die, your ‘death data’ is then transferred across to other player’s games and turned into ‘Haters’, more powerful enemies based on the skill level you had upon death and whatever equipment you may have had.

For a free to play game, especially one on console, it’s an interesting concept. It’s somewhat surprising, too, for a team so well known like Grasshopper to go down that route too … not that we’re complaining. It’s obviously inspired by the Dark Souls series, though it certainly isn’t the first.

There are micro-transactions included, though it’s more about reviving your character than the typical equipment or clothing options. Death Medals and Kill Coins can be found in-game or purchased for a price, providing you either instant revival from exactly when you perish, or a general revive back at your main hub. You don’t have to purchase any of these, though some may find it a little easier to get by instead of trying to survive long enough to find them in-game.

Let it Die is available now for free on PS4. We’re going to give it a shot ourselves, but what about you? Is a free to play game on console something that appeals? Let us know in the comments.

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