One of the nice surprises from 2016 will soon be making the shift to consoles, as Romanian studio Three Awesome Guys are hard at work at bringing their multiplayer party venture Move or Die across to the PS4 some time next year.

Move or Die is exactly as the name suggests, as you and three other players must constantly be on the move through-out a number of amusing and challenging mini-games (each one lasting roughly 20 seconds at a time) or be prepared to explode in a shower of goo. The player who can not only stay on the move the longest but survive based on the conditions of each mini-game. Pass the bomb, avoid the spikes, be the first to paint the level your colour … there’s actually a constant flow of new game types added to the game over time, many of which are born from the growing community.

Whether the same growth in content will come across to the PS4 remains to be seen, but there’s been a ton of content released over time since the game launched on PC earlier this year. I certainly hope the team can port across as much of it as possible, providing the console can deal with this much moving or dying of course. There’s the promise of brand new content once the PS4 port arrives, including the option for team play (which sounds crazy, especially two-on-one-on-one!). We will know more once the game launches in 2017.

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