To think, after all this time, we’re finally getting the things we want. First it was the Last Guardian, a near eight year wait. Then, Rogue One, barely a week away and arguably the most anticipated movie of 2016. And on that very same week? Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first mobile adventure, and now we have more info on what to expect.

There’s a couple of different game modes, some are the trappings of mobile games past (such as building your own Mushroom Kingdom based on the coins you’ve collected) while others are unique takes on a multiplayer Mario mode that involves impressing the Toad’s to win. It’s a neat package, but there’s room to move with expansions, if Nintendo deem it worth doing of course.

The surprise addition is the ability to unlock new characters to play as. So far only Luigi, Toad and Yoshi have been shown off, bringing with them a little variety in control (Luigi has his floating jump, for example), but surprisingly there’s no mention of Princess Peach. Hopefully that’s a case of trying to keep as many things hidden for players than it is an oversight.

Super Mario Run will hit the Apple App Store this time next week and looks to be the perfect way to spend those thirty or so minutes worth of ads before Rogue One starts. It should also find its way to Android users some time next year, though rumours suggest it will not be added to the Nintendo Switch, despite the Switch being a portable platform. I guess we can’t have everything, but man am I excited to try this! I just hope it doesn’t fall into too many of the mobile traps.

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