As we head towards the end of the year, we’re all rather tired, sore and hoping to make it to 2017 unscathed. So while the team tried to find some me time ahead of the new year, we’re going to count down our favourite games from the past twelve-ish months or so. We’ll go through all our favourites every day, leading to our overall Game of the Year award winner, before starting off 2017 in fine fashion. But more on that later, on with the Nominee’s…


There haven’t been many games this year that have provided beautiful scenery, a unique story and two likeable characters without involving explosions or action, nevermind the kind of dialogue you’d normally find in a high quality drama. Firewatch was a breath of fresh air when it launched earlier this year, an instantly compelling experience that has since found a new lease of life with its free roam mode. It’s one thing following the story and listening to arguably the best dialogue of any game all year (Uncharted 4 the obvious exception), it’s another exploring the environment on your own terms and discovering all the little nooks and secrets along the way.

The banter between Henry and Delilah is some of the smartest writing I have experienced in gaming. It’s the type of playful dialogue that might occur between two strangers engaged in online dating. Actors Rich Sommer and Cissy Jones completely own their respective roles.

– Mike, courtesy of our Firewatch Review

Developers Campo Santo have set the bar high with their debut title and we’re very keen to see what they develop next. There’s room for more Firewatch adventures if the team is keen but if we’re being honest here, we’d love to see the team tackle something new instead. Sophomore outings are the hardest, but working with original ideas can be a little easier than trying to follow up with more of the same. Safe to say, whatever they do decide to work on next, we will be keeping a close eye on its progress.

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