Several months back we reported on the incredible looking 3-D Sonic the Hedgehog fan game Sonic Utopia, now thanks to the guys over at Sega Nerds, we have been treated to another Sonic passion project.

Sonic Freedom is a classic styled 2-D Sonic game put together by one dedicated gamer who goes by the name TrippleJaz. TrippleJaz has so far put over 300 hours into the project, hand drawing and animating everything himself.

The trailer looks incredible. It features a mix of photorealism, hand drawn and 3-D animated art. This time around, it even looks like Sonic can perform his famous spin-dash attack mid-air.

Sadly Sonic Freedom is still a work in progress, and no playable demo is available at this stage. Until then, Sega is also working on two new Sonic games set for release in 2017. Sonic Mania was announced earlier in the year as a remix of the 2D Mega-Drive Sonic games, and another has yet to be unveiled.

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