As we head towards the end of the year, we’re all rather tired, sore and hoping to make it to 2017 unscathed. While the team ramps down for the end of the silly season, we’re going to count down our favourite games from the past year. We’ll go through all our favourites every day, leading to our overall Game of the Year award winner, before starting off 2017 with a more in-depth look back at the twelve months that were…


It’s hard to let go someone you love. I know that first hand, having lost family members I never thought I’d ever be without. But I can’t imagine what it must feel like to lose a son or daughter to cancer, let alone recreating the emotional tale in video game form. But that’s exactly what Amy and Ryan Green accomplished with That Dragon, Cancer, an emotional tale that will bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened of players.

That Dragon, Cancer is a tragically tear-jerking game created by parents Amy and Ryan Green, which reflects on the scale of people affected by cancer in one way or another, while also being a memorial for their son – Joel. Handling the effects of cancer with brutal honesty, raw emotion and grace, it is a game that I will remember more as a heart-breaker than just another experience.

– Magdalena. Read her full review here.

That Dragon, Cancer will go down less as a must play video game and more as an experience that deserves to be shared, in loving memory of a family that should be praised for exploring their emotions and fears through this art form. Put down your guns, leave behind your action or your role playing, and experience one of the most heartfelt journey’s of this or any generation to date.

Our heartfelt thoughts and thanks to Amy and Ryan Green for their bravery in sharing That Dragon, Cancer to the world.

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