As we head towards the end of the year, we’re all rather tired, sore and hoping to make it to 2017 unscathed. While the team ramps down for the end of the silly season, we’re going to count down our favourite games from the past year. We’ll go through all our favourites every day, leading to our overall Game of the Year award winner, before starting off 2017 with a more in-depth look back at the twelve months that were…


Australian made. A few years ago that stood for AAA ports, licensed titles and a few unique IP’s based on familiar Aussie tropes. Now, it stands for unique content, original ideas and games that aren’t afraid to discuss or portray real life. Killing Time at Lightspeed is the perfect example of the evolution of the local scene into one of the strongest video game communities around.

You wouldn’t think a video game based on social media would be compelling, until you realise you’re seeing it from the point of view of a character off on a distant spaceship, travelling at speeds so fast that time back home is completely different. Within minutes, your best friends have grown old, the world has changed and there’s nothing you can do to alter the course. As a piece of interactive fiction where one wrong button press can completely change a lifetime, Killing Time at Lightspeed is an enjoyable ‘what if’ excursion that’s both entertaining and engaging with its discussions on humanity and our unusual ways of life. We may not be too far away from this happening in the real world, and that’s a scary thought.

Congratulations to Killing Time at Lightspeed, our first Australian nominee for Game of the Year. Stay tuned as we edge closer to the end of 2016 to see who will take home the (maybe one day) coveted PN2 Game of the Year award.

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