For all the talk about Super Mario Run (which, if you’ve been living in a tech proof cave for the past few months, is a Mario runner on iOS that came out today), there’s one thing I wish was a much bigger component. Better still, it’s own entire thing on console.

Toad Rally is a multiplayer-ish mode that has you trying to impress Toad’s whilst collecting coins against another player’s ghost. Whoever collects the most coins and can impress the most Toad’s along the way wins. It’s such a simple premise but highly effective and God damn it why did it have to be on a mobile game?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying Super Mario Run so far, it’s a neat little twist on the traditional formula that (thankfully) doesn’t have pay to win or ads everywhere even in its demo state. But Toad Rally is the pure standout, a mode that I wish had been implemented in the many New Super Mario titles that have appeared over the years. Four and even five player modes have become more of a thing of late, but I like the concept of not having to worry about the other player or accidentally knocking into them during a perfect run. It’s one thing to have fun together but let’s be honest, it’s way more fun challenging each other to a contest of champions.

Also, I love Toad. I mean come on, just look at him, he’s so cute!


Whether Nintendo actually evolves Toad Rally into something bigger is another story entirely, but one can dream. In the meantime, it’s worth checking out Super Mario Run on your iPhone or iPad. The first few levels are free to play and there’s actually a fair bit to them, with special coins to collect and Toad Rally available from the get-go. You can then purchase the rest of the game for about AU$15, which may sound like a lot for a mobile title but it’s very reasonable when you compare it to pretty much every other Nintendo game on the market.

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