For many, 2016 is a year we’d rather forget. Personally, not everything went our way either. But there’s one thing we can all agree on that made the past year somewhat more bearable … Overwatch.


We’ve all talked about it, played it, maybe even discussed it in length beyond its premise. Overwatch permeated the scene in many glorious ways, a sign of a new IP designed with love and respect not just for its audience, but for its characters. Blizzard has brought together a diverse cast that many of us have become attached to, even if we’ve never picked up a controller and played the game ourselves.

Case in point, Blizzard’s incredibly well put together story trailers, which just makes the want for an Overwatch movie even more warranted.

When we’re not in heated chats over each character’s traits or skins, we’re enjoying one of the best, balanced multiplayer experiences of 2016. Each character has a strength and weakness that, under the control of a skilled player, can be used effectively and creatively to turn the tide of battle. But even those of a beginner’s level will find something to enjoy here, especially if they’re surrounded with teammates eager to lend a hand.

Many have tried to capture the same essence, some may even claim they came first, but there can be only one. We get the feeling we will be talking about Overwatch for a long time to come …

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