Oh life, you crazy, crazy son of a donkey. The Christmas week has been busy as all hell, but we’re finally back with our next game of the year nominee, and it’s a doozy…


Ever since The Matrix, we’ve always wondered what it would be look to be faster than time itself, watching bullets slowly fly past our heads as we dodge with relative ease. Luckily for us, video games allow us to live out our dreams, and Superhot delivered. Whether it’s snatching a gun out of the air or throwing punches like a champ, there’s a strange sense of satisfaction and enjoyment to the entire experience.

More importantly, Superhot tells a unique story through unconventional means. You could consider it a warning to a possible future where AI becomes sentient, or you could consider it a reflection of our modern gaming sensibilities. Either way, the slow motion aspect is clean and concise within a curious virtual world we really do want to spend more time in. And we can, thanks to the release of Superhot in VR!

Congratulations Superhot on a successful 2016 … and hey, it’s finally on Xbox One in Australia too. Yay!

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