Smite, the little series that could, has grown significantly over the past year. Be it the Smite World Championships or the reveal of a whole new game in Smite Tactics, the series sure has come a long way since its early roots.

Hi-Rez certainly aren’t sitting on their backsides waiting for the money to roll in either, as they’ve since confirmed a second spin-off of the now popular MOBA style adventure, Smite Rivals, a free-to-play card battle game for PC and Mobile.

Card games are certainly going to be an even bigger trend this year, what with Gwent, the Witcher card game, currently running through its closed beta phase and Hearthstone continuing to expand. Smite Rivals aims to achieve a similar level of success as its predecessors by taking the cast of the series and bridging the gap between card collecting and lane defending. Check out the trailer for a neat behind the scenes look at the game in its current form, and you’ll notice a rather colourful, cartoon like environment where two players will compete against each other through three lanes of battle. You’ll build a card deck and then challenge your foe by using said cards at the right time to either defend or attack across those lanes, not unlike the real Smite.

Sign-ups for the Smite Rivals beta are currently open, so be sure to head over to the official website to check it out and get your name in early. Of course, if card games aren’t your thing, the Smite Tactics is also currently underway, whilst Smite itself is currently bringing in a new Celtic God angle to the franchise, something I’m personally excited for. I’m Irish, after all.

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