As we enter further into the future, we’re constantly trying to one-up our previous exploits in the technology field. AI drones, faster graphics cards, constant performance improvements, it’s what we’re all about in this modern world. All that comes together at the start of every year, when the world’s best in tech come together to share what they believe is the future of our world (and our wallets) at CES 2017. Here’s a couple of the unusual, the exciting and the plain weird things spotted during the recent con…


A 4K projector sounds like a cool thing, but a 4K projector expanding the display from your monitor? That’s something else. I doubt it will change the way we play, but it’s a cool idea none the less. Playing Overwatch crystal clear on your bedroom wall would be a fancy party trick.


I mentioned this one during our Podcast, but I’d put it firmly into the weird camp. Let’s be honest, a laptop with three screens built into it sounds cool, but it’s only as cool as your bank account will allow. Still, full marks for trying.


Cloud based gaming has been here and there for a while now, but Nvidia are out to expand their concept into a ‘play any game on any PC’ model, at a modest price. There’s every chance it will never appear in Australia, however, which isn’t too surprising considering the heavy load a user’s internet connection may require. We will know more when it launches properly in a few months.


I’m still a user of USB’s, despite the growth in wireless technology and cloud storage. Having a little piece of memory physically in my hand feels a lot safer than wherever it may be online. Kingston seem to understand that feeling, though they’ve decided to take it to … extreme? Yeah, that’ll do. Introducing the new 2TB USB, the biggest of its kind and I want it. Just give it to me now!



There’s plenty of weird ideas thrown around during an event like CES, but this one is my personal favourite. Sure, you can vacuum your floors at any time you want these days, but now we can officially state we’ve reached the future. Well … sort of.


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