January can be a quiet month for new releases, but it can also be the perfect time to release too. There’s little competition, websites are dying to talk about … well, anything, and gamers are looking for their next fix after all the Christmas rush. Luckily for Rise & Shine, a new release action shooter by Super Mega Team, January looks like the perfect time to grab everyone’s attention with a little colour and plenty of guns.


Rise & Shine sees our young hero, aptly named Rise, take up the sacred gun ‘Shine’ in an attempt to save the world. It may seem like a colourful world, it certainly is, but there’s a lot of weapons on the field, a lot of enemies to try and shoot down and a bullet storm of fire to try to avoid in the shoot ’em up tradition. There’s robots, zombies, giant bosses and platforming … arguably the most dangerous foe of all.

Rise & Shine is a big step up from Super Mega Team’s previous mobile releases, especially in terms of scope. Supermagical, their previous release, was a magical puzzle game which I fondly remember reviewing on Indie Game Magazine back in 2012.

Rise & Shine heads to Steam this week, and will make an appearance exclusively on Xbox One as well around the same time. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one, having previous experience with the studio’s work I’m quietly excited. Let us know if you’re picking it up this week.

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