The horror genre has evolved considerably over the years, and we’re on the verge of a new generation with Resident Evil 7. But during the 90’s, there was a different kind of horror, one that freaked us out like no other toy in history. Yes, the Furby, nature’s battery eater, the toy sensation that gave you power over a hairy creature that ‘pretended’ to be your friend.

Tattletail perfectly recaptures the weird toy craze, but ramps it up a notch by mixing in a Stranger Things vibe and, of course, a Five Nights at Freddy’s style horror tale. You’re tasked with playing a young child, eager to get your hands on the new Tattletail toy hiding in the basement before Christmas Day. Unfortunately, there’s something else out there just as eager to meet you, and soon you discover a dark and dangerous secret that’s out to destroy you and your Christmas Day joy.

Though the horror aspects are similar to a few other first person games out there at the moment, you’re led down a different kind of rabbit hole here thanks to the addition of the Talletail toy. The chatty, furry creature is the perfect representation of our nightmares from the Furby era, having to clean, feed and recharge it in order to keep it quiet. But seriously, it’s not what you have to worry about, at least not initially. Once the lights go out, then the real horror begins.


Tattletail launched just before the end of the year by Little Flag Software. If you’re keen for something a little strange, it should be right up your ally and really affordable on Steam. I actually love the critter designs, it’s really well made, and it feels like it’s gearing up for a bigger series of tales over time not unlike it’s predecessor in Freddy. Only this time, the cuteness is at a completely different level.

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