Amongst all the hype and news surrounding the Nintendo Switch presentation last friday, there was one game that was partially overlooked by just about everyone. That is, until the press got hands on with the console for the first time, and Snipperclips was revealed.

Snipperclips has you playing with a friend to cut out and reform your paper character to solve puzzles, based on the shape you are at the time. You’ll be working together or competing against each other in the process, with an option to play with up to four players.

We’ve since discovered (thanks to the keen eyes of Bleeding Cool) that Snipperclips is, in fact, the formerly revealed indie title Friendshapes. Created by British based SFB Games back in 2015, the story seems to go that Nintendo saw the game in action and liked it enough to partner up with the Vian brothers to bring the experience to the Switch itself. We’re not 100% sure of the specifics, but it does seem like Friendshapes has been reconfigured and given an injection of funds to bring it across to the future handheld/console hybrid. By the sounds of some early hands on time, it looks as though that positive move by Nintendo may pay off. You can check out the game in action via Nintendo’s own Treehouse presentation below:

We’ll know more about Snipperclips and hopefully get some hands-on time with it ourselves once it launches within the Nintendo Switch launch window, beginning March 3rd. We hope the news is true, that the brothers have been hard at work behind the scenes to help Nintendo complete the project, but time will tell.

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