I have a confession. I’m a Rooster Teeth fanatic. More so, I’m a RWBY fanatic.

The computer animated series, currently streaming its fourth season, had its first interactive experience in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse appear on Steam last year. The four player co-op brawler pits our heroes against a new enemy, bent on taking the deadly power of the Grimm that traverse the land and use it for unusual gains.

Console players have the advantage of coming into this fresh with plenty of content, if of course you neither played the early access version or purchased the game in full on your PC. You’ll get the complete campaign, the full RWBY and JNPR rosters that can be tailored to how you want to play them as you unlock upgrades, plus Horde Mode, which has you defending security nodes from wave after wave of deadly creatures.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse will appear on both Xbox One and PS4 this week. It’s certainly come a long way since its early access edition last year, though fingers crossed the Rooster Teeth Games team can continue to add more content and levels to the game, especially if it involves the many other teams that have appeared on the show over its four year run.

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