One of last year’s breakout ‘early access’ games, The Culling essentially brought to life the death battles of the Hunger Games series, just without the slow character development and that weird, Lord of the Rings like ending. Creators Xaviant have been hard at work adding a ton of changes, and all of it is now ready to go within a brand new arena.

The Cul County Correctional facility houses a brand new area to explore, survive and cull the enemy. That’s just one part of a much larger collection of new ways to play, including the option to play lightning rounds or private matches on both available maps. Three new match events also mix things up by changing the rules of the game, for example increasing the heat of the sun and forcing you indoors to avoid exposure to possible damage, or the opportunity to find a crate filled with a deadly chainsaw.

Xaviant considers this major update as a progression from Alpha to Beta. Despite the many updates and changes, the game still has plenty of progression to make before it reaches a full release (and, of course, before it makes it to the Xbox One later this year).

Although we’ve addressed many known issues, this build is not an exit from Early Access. Instead, it represents our transition from Alpha to Beta. This is an exciting milestone that ushers in a new era of The Culling. At the same time, it doesn’t mean we’re quite out of the woods, or the tropical island – see what we did there? – just yet. There’s still plenty of bug fixing, optimizing, and polishing to do.

– Xaviant, Courtesy of the official blog.

Be sure to visit the website to get the full lowdown on all the updates, changes and additions to the game from its original form. Meanwhile, you can get access to The Culling via Steam early access or via Xbox One very soon.

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