You may have seen our Path of Exile YouTube series by now veteran player Tim over the past few months, but soon you’ll be able to follow the path all your own when New Zealand’s own Grinding Gear Games brings across their action adventure to Xbox One later this year. Better still, it will also be free-to-play!

Though the current plan doesn’t involve cross-platform options for existing PC players, all of the content both currently available and planned for release on PC will be brought across to the Xbox One port by a small in-house team at the studio. You can also expect updates and future additions to the franchise to be released at the same time on both platforms, with the full game maintaining the free-to-play structure in the process.

According to Grinding Gear, there will be some minor differences in gameplay between the two, hence the lack of cross-platform support. Xbox One players will have more flask slots available and, of course, there’s a different control scheme to contend with. It’ll be interesting to see how it translates to a control pad, but given I enjoyed Blizzard’s port of Diablo 3, I’d expect similar things here.

We’re really excited about this release. It represents over a year of work from a small strike team within our studio – the guys who also created our DirectX 11 version. We’ll announce more information over the coming weeks!

– Grinding Gear Games, courtesy the official website.

There’s no official release date as yet, so keep an eye out for more details as they come to hand, and hey, keep an eye out for Tim’s Let’s Play series too. It’s a banger!

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