Introducing the new and improved (almost) Challenge Mode. In this first of three test episodes, we’re trying out some new fangled ideas just to see what people think of it, whether it’s worth carrying on and whether Mark’s sanity will hold true will trying to edit it all in his spare time…

The following is a field test video (the first of three) for our new game show, pitting players against each other in various challenges across different video games.

First up is our standard mode, aka. Challenge Mode. Here, players will be tasked with completing as high a score as possible to win, but must also complete secondary objectives, determining your overall result.

For this test, we’ve taken Crossy Road from an iPad and thrown special guest Kazzleberry from Geek Bomb (huge shout out and thanks to her for taking part in these shenanigans) against PN2’s own Mark and Melody.

Bare in mind, this is all for you guys to send us feedback. What did you like? What did you not like? What can we improve upon to make this as entertaining as possible for you, the audience? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to tune in again real soon for our next test video.

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