Some games pride themselves on their difficulty, others focus on narrative or action. In the case of UnDungeon all three of those would apply, but it’s the immense detail in the pixel art world creators Laughing Machines have orchestrated that defines it. It’s not hard to see why.


UnDungeon is an action RPG/roguelike wrapped in a classic science fiction tale of the multiverse, multiple universes interconnected with one another. When a number of these multiverse’s collide, various different civilisations must now come to live with one another, though that’s far easier said than done. You, in particular, must traverse this strange situation as a Herald, one of only a few who harness the power The Core. With it, you will be reborn every time you fall in battle, to become another of the Heralds in order to continue your journey as best you can. Before you, a world map spanning countless worlds through a procedurally-generated map, therefore every person who plays will discover a different world before them.

The art style pops when you first see it in action. Take a closer look and you’ll see plenty of detail in the environments and characters, not unlike fellow indie hit Hyper Light Drifter. According to the studio, 90% of the animations are drawn by a hand, an impressive number. That’s combined with a handful of 3D pieces for larger foreground or background elements and a substantial number of animation frames.

Personally, I can see myself playing as Morry quite a lot. Cutie by day, deadly by … well, all the time.


Well on its way to achieving its Kickstarter goal, UnDungeon has also been approved by the SquareEnix Collective, the RPG giant’s indie program to help support new studios and their work. You can support it here on Kickstarter if you’re so inclined, there’s plenty of unique items up for grabs if you become a fan. There’s no release date just yet, but the plan is to appear on PC, Mac and Linux, with a potential port to Xbox One and PS4 in the not too distant future.

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