What an unusual week for the talented folk at Playdead. First the news they probably would have preferred to remain private, and then a big tease for their next project!

It began with the news that former co-founder Dino Patti, who left the company last July, didn’t exactly depart on the best of terms. Kotaku has a good round-up on the details for those of you so inclined, but the long and the short of it? Patti and fellow co-founder Arnt Jensen just couldn’t agree on the direction the company wanted to take its projects, seemingly including last year’s big release Inside, leading Patti to seemingly leave under an intervention by the Danish Business Authority.

More specifically, the two couldn’t come to an agreement over when and how they should release their projects, perhaps leading to delays that forced Inside into a 2016 title instead of 2015.

As if on cue, the company has now released a teaser for their next big thing. We don’t know much about it at all, but the art below follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, from a visual and a curiosity standpoint. Funny, though, that it would drop this week, right?


Thankfully, it seems as though both parties have since put the dispute behind them, so we can look forward to Playdead’s next IP with full confidence the team can continue their good form. It’s just a question of when we’ll know more, it’s far too early to tell. As for Dino Patti? He’s currently exploring his options, but we hope he can find a place to bring his own ideas to life once more.

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